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Groundbreaking Legal Decision in Essure Lawsuit

August 9, 2016 - Posted by admin to Birth Control News, Birth Control Side Effects, Essure

You don’t have to make too many searches regarding the permanent birth control device, Essure, to learn of the thousands of women who are furious with the manufacturer and have filed Essure lawsuits.

From excruciating abdominal pain and trails of blood to the bathroom, to severe headaches to total hysterectomies, Essure’s side effects have prompted women to take action and file lawsuits. However, even after thousands of women had signed petitions and wanted to file a lawsuit, their claims were likely to be denied due “federal preemption.”

What is Federal Preemption in the Essure Lawsuit?

What preemption means in Essure’s case is that since the device’s marketing and warning labels were approved by the Food and Drug Administration, then there is no legal recourse. This is where the groundbreaking decision lies as