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Re-Thinking Old Fashioned Condom Design

April 30, 2013 - Posted by admin to Birth Control, Birth Control for Men, Birth Control News, Condoms

Over the last 50 years, there has been tremendous advancement in the field of birth control – not just socially, but technologically as well. Pill options have expanded to include lower-dose, acne-fighting, PMS-busting hormone combinations. The IUD, once a poster child of a faulty medical device, is experiencing a resurgence and is hailed as a safe and effective option. There are the patch and the ring for those who don’t want to take a pill every day, and even a shot for those who are more afraid of babies than they are of needles.

But what about the condom? You can get them in all different colors and even flavors. Love bacon? This one might be for you. Besides dressing them up in different

Jenna Lee Dillon

Men Take Control of Birth Control

April 5, 2012 - Posted by Jenna Lee Dillon to Birth Control for Men

For too long, the burden of continuous, reliable pregnancy prevention has fallen on women, while men must depend on uncomfortable condoms or face the frightening prospect of a vasectomy. The end of that era of birth control is in sight.

For those relying on current birth control methods, a new contraceptive option may wipe the slate clean of issues, such as:

User Error Hormonal Side Effects such as Mood Swings and Acne Serious Health Risks Botched Pills Expensive Short-term Methods Threats to Healthcare Coverage Attacks by Rush Limbaugh and Government Officials

This new method of birth control provides low-cost, minimally invasive, reversible and 100% effective contraception that lasts 10 years…for men.

RISUG Ain’t No Thug

Introducing RISUG: the gentlemen’s contraceptive.