Pregnancy Myth #2: If my partner pulls out before he ejaculates, I won’t get pregnant.

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If my partner pulls out before he ejaculates, I won’t get pregnant.


While the pull-out (withdrawal) method lowers the risk of pregnancy, especially when combined with another birth control method, it is only about 73% effective on its own. This means more than one in four couples will become pregnant if they use only the pull-out method.

Pre-ejaculate (pre-cum), a fluid secreted by the penis prior to ejaculation, can contain sperm. The man cannot feel or prevent this fluid from leaving his penis. Also, it is common for many men to think they have pulled out in time, when in reality they have already begun to ejaculate inside the vagina.

Bottom line: When vaginal penetration by the penis occurs, there is always a chance it will result in pregnancy.

For more information on the withdrawal method, visit this page:

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