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Do You Know Which Birth Control Method is the Most Effective?

Friday 10/18/2013

Do You Know Which Birth Control Method is the Most Effective?

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How effective is your birth control?

For sexually active women, he effectiveness of birth control depends on how perfectly they use it. For this reason, there are two kinds of effectiveness rates. One measurement is for perfect use, as the method is tested in the lab or used in real life with no mistakes.

The other is typical use, the average including people who don�t always use the method correctly or every time sexual intercourse takes place.

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Contraception is an ancient practice. For thousands of years, humans have devised ways to prevent pregnancy � from Queen Anne�s Lace to condoms made from animal intestines to wool cervical caps � but methods have never been so successful as they are now.

But we ask � what�s the point of creating nearly perfect birth control if people don�t know about it?

Birth Control News is here to debunk the myths and rumors and provide you the facts about your birth control options.

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