Pull Out Method

Other Names

  • Withdrawal method
  • Coitus Interruptus

How it Works

This is one of the world’s oldest methods of birth control. To use the Pull Out Method, a man must remove his penis from the vagina before ejaculation. Ejaculation is the moment with sperm shoots out of his penis (commonly referred to as “coming”). By pulling out prior to ejaculation, there should be a reduced risk of sperm entering the vagina and fertilizing a woman’s egg.

Men utilizing this method need to be able to tell when they are reaching the point in sexual excitement when ejaculation can no longer be stopped or delayed. The man must also take care when he pulls out to not ejaculate on his partner’s vulva.


When this method is always utilized perfectly, it is effective at preventing pregnancy 96% of the time. However, for those who don’t do it correctly every time, the effectiveness drops to 73%.


  • Women like the Pull Out Method because it can be used while breastfeeding, it does not affect their natural hormones and it does not carry any of the side effects of hormonal birth controls.
  • This method is popular, because it can be used when no other method is available. There is also no prescription necessary, nor does it cost anything.


  • The greatest risk of this method is its reliance on the man to have the self-control to pull out every time. Men who use this method must be able to tell when they are nearing the point of ejaculation. Some men cannot predict this moment accurately. Pregnancy is also possible if semen or pre-ejaculate is spilled on the vulva, so the man must make sure to withdrawal completely.
  • Even if the man pulls out in time, there is still a risk of pregnancy occurring from pre-ejaculate. Many experts believe pre-ejaculate (also known as pre-cum) can contain sperm, especially if ejaculation has recently occurred and the man has not urinated.
  • This method does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or HIV (AIDS).

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Friday 10/18/2013

Do You Know Which Birth Control Method is the Most Effective?

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How effective is your birth control?

For sexually active women, he effectiveness of birth control depends on how perfectly they use it. For this reason, there are two kinds of effectiveness rates. One measurement is for perfect use, as the method is tested in the lab or used in real life with no mistakes.

The other is typical use, the average including people who don’t always use the method correctly or every time sexual intercourse takes place.

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